Consulting Services

In today's marketplace of fragmented media and ever growing options in the media landscape, companies must posses a heightened level of advertising and media savvy in order to effectively optimize the value of their media investments.

Through our experience and network of highly skilled and industry trained professionals, AdSolutions can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current advertising and media investments as well as provide you with ideas and solutions on how to expand or revise your current plans and maximize your resources.

At your request we will:

  • Review your current contract(s) with advertising agencies and or media providers to help ensure that you are paying a fair price for the services you are receiving.
  • Perform an independent review of your current media plans to determine if the plan is consistent with goals established by you and make recommendations regarding ways to improve delivery through strategic or tactical changes.
  • Perform a review of your purchasing and process controls surrounding your advertising and media investments and make any necessary recommendations for improving operating or vendor performance.
  • Perform an independent analysis on current media plans and make recommendations to improve performance.
  • Help in any contract negotiations or agency reviews.
  • Perform any number of other specialized reviews requested pertaining to delivery, performance,or strategic and tactical objectives with the goal of improving averall performance.