About Us

AdSolutions, LLC was established in 2002 as an independent purchasing and procurement audit and review company specializing in advertising and media expenditures.  We provide our clients with unsurpassed experience in auditing and consulting services specifically designed to help ensure  fiscal responsibility and effective advertising/media planning in an ever changing advertising and media landscape.

Auditing Services

Advertising costs are usually comprised of many different components, all of which are complex in structure and inherently riddled with opportunity for mistakes on the part of advertisers, vendors and agencies.  In addition, the operating environment of many advertising agencies and media planning and buying agencies have recently been affected by employee turnover, corporate integration issues (software conversions and cultural changes), staffing shortages, and inadequate training which all contribute to the probability that clients advertising dollars are not fully accounted for and are not acheiving their maximum value.

AdSolutions can help you determine if you are receiving maximum value of your advertising and media expenditures by:

  • Reviewing purchasing controls associated with marketing and advertising costs.
  • Reviewing contracts, production and media budgets and agreeing expenditures to planned approved budgets.
  • Independently confirm performance.
  • Independently measure performance guarantees against delivery results.
  • Reviewing vendor invoices to determine if all vendor discounts have been taken advantage of and were properly passed on the client.
  • Recalculating vendor invoices and review invoices for errors.
  • Reviewing and confirming reasonableness of expenditure where appropriate.
  • Reviewing purchasing controls of agencies, to the extent possible, to determine adequacy of bidding process and vendor selection.
  • Reviewing vendor files for duplicate invoices and payments.

Our audits and reviews are developed using a comprehensive approach and based on a deep understanding of the advertising and media industries.  They are performed by a team of financial and advertising/media professionals with a mix of extensive experience in all areas of advertising and media.


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