What distinguishes AdSolutions, LLC? It's our commitment to providing the highest level of advertising and media auditing services to our clients. We listen to your concerns, ask the right questions and take the time to understand your goals and objectives.  Our advertising and media audits are custom designed and taylored to each clients specific needs.


Now more than ever companies are looking for ways to cut costs and focus on fiscal responsibilities in an effort to maintain or improve margins and profits.  AdSolutions can help maximize the value of your advertising and media investments through our focused advertising and media audits.

One of the larger expenditures each year for many companies are the costs associated with advertising and marketing.  There are many components to advertising and marketing costs which together create a successful business building tool, however, the complexity of the changing marketing and advertising environments demand that advertisers diligently manage their advertising expenditures to ensure fiscal responsibility.  One critical component in meeting this fiscal responsibility is the periodic use of advertising and media audits.  Advertising agencies, media buying agencies, TV and radio broadcasters, cable and satelite tv providers, newspapers and magazine companies have all experienced difficult economic times and as a result have merged operations, downsized or otherwise reduced staff and cut costs, all contributing to the real possibility or likelyhood that mistakes have been made or maximized media value has not been acheived for many advertisers.  Our audits are designed to address these concerns and uncover lost advertising and media value associated with inefficiencies and errors created as a result of the current economic environment.  

AdSolutions is an independent purchasing and procurement auditing and review company specializing in advertising and media expenditure audits.  We perform contract reviews, vendor reviews, audit purchasing data, review and recommend purchasing controls, review delivery performance of advertising expenditures and work closely with industry veterans who bring unsurpassed experience in advertising and media knowledge.

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